“I Had Never Seen Him Again”

I had never seen him again,
But my heart till now yearns
for his name

He, that always brings me back,
To the past where we breathe the same love,
Where we consumed our passions till dawn,
Till we quenched the burning rhythm of our soul.

I had never seen him again,
But in my memories, he’s always there.

Those sweet talks that he whispers in my ear,
That small kisses that are full of sweetness and tender,
A warm embrace that pressed me to his chest closer,
I can feel it till now, my heart is still lost after all these years.

Yes, I still remember how precious was his love,
Till now I still feel the chills of how much I
I never forget how much he strived to win my heart,
And how much I ruined the chances to choose him which I’m most regret.

When in front of the priest I said,
I can’t marry this man,
My realization then was too late to come,
And here I am still waiting, unmarried and alone,
Wherever he is, I wish he’d known.

One day before that arranged marriage never took place.
I had never seen him again after he left.


“He Left”

“He Left”

The darker blanketed sky ceased the torrent of light,
It should have shunned into my cold, dark, and lifeless night,
But an eternity of silence oppressed my soul,
Like a heavyweight soon a sole.

Just when I thought he was around,
To hug and pick me up from the ground
He brushed and let me pleading in tears,
As if smitten by a sudden spasm he bears

He walked away and traveled to an unknown destination,
My life wallowed in bottomless damnation,
Bitterness crept in my face,
Like a disqualified sprinter in a race.

We are miles and miles apart,
He forgot how I built a world for him in my heart,
Every day I pray,
And hope he doesn’t go far away.


“Dreams And Wishes”

“Dreams And Wishes”

I saw you in my dreams,
In a scene that until now I still remember,
At the table, I was sitting,
While waiting, I always turning,
As I was trying to look at you in every corner,
Everybody’s was enjoying while talking and laughing,
Then in a blink of a moment,
I saw you coming with a lovely beautiful demoiselle.

You hold her as she is your everything,
You’re both happy and giggling,
As I look out on your faces who both smiling,
And saw in your eyes the glows that sparkling,
At that moment my tears started to fell,
I gasp for air for I can hardly catch my breathing,
In my chest, I feel that heavy burden,
And when you turn and kiss her on the lips,
Something sharp cut my heart into broken pieces.

I woke up so sad with a heavy heart,
And as I remember the scenes in my dreams,
I can feel the warm fluids running down my cheeks,
I am sobbing with tears full of hurting and regrets,
For decades I keep my love in secrets,
For I was afraid ‘coz we are best of friends.

Even now in my dreams,
Your memories were still haunting me,
And I die over and over again,
For I can’t forget the echo of your voice saying,
“I’m sorry, but I can’t love you more than a friend”.

Until now, I wish in my dreams I am the woman that you held,
I wish in my dreams, I am the dream you dreamed.


“One Day Someday”

“One Day Someday”

One day someday
I’ll be okay
no, hurt no pain
for me to bear
my heart will be free.

The love I feel
although it’s real
will not be mine
and not be share
‘coz to her, you belong.

One day someday
I cry no more
tears will stop to fall
wounds heal
heartaches gone
that’s for sure.

One day someday
my nights and days
would not be empty
no chats no words to say
my heartbeats no longer belong to you baby.

One day someday
love find its way
sadness will go away
happiness stay
always in me.

One day someday,
I’ll be alright.


“Comfort Zone”

“Comfort Zone”

I had a lot of words to say and write,
Gained through painful effort and sigh,
At first, I was content reading it on my fortress alone,
But decided to share it with the world I’ve known.

In this world of war, hatred, and shit,
I spent my inner self with paper and ink,
Looking for an inspiration that my heart is seeking,
Which I knew I can only find in heaven’s gate.

In my solitude at the comfort of my soul,
I keep writing poetry and fiction of my own,
A true reflection of my emotions and all,
That touches my spirit beyond imagination.

I don`t have a desire for money or fame,
I just want to feel my freedom in words and rhyme,
To pursue the passions of my heart and mind,
And give me pleasure and pride.


“Tears And Rain”

Let tears fall into my cheeks,
To lighten my feelings of grief,
Let me taste the sadness it brings,
While my heart is bleeding in pain.

Let me cry, let it rains,
Let my anguish burst into tears,
Let my heart embrace their freedom,
For only in them I could free the lamentation of my sorrow.

Stopping it is useless and vain,
For I am already drenched and in pain,
Let it pour and flows and to its lashes, I dance and drown,
Until their souls and mine reach its destiny on the grounds.


“A Story Behind The Ride Of Love”

I will not just settle my love in a verse,
Or in every lyric of a love song I listened to,
I will not settle my heart to stay longer in silence,
And wages a war in what-if and regrets scenario.

I have to get out from my shell and confront you,
Of what behind the secret stares you always show,
Why you turn around when I look at you,
Your friend telling me that you loved me, is it true?

Tell me now, tell me please,
Break that shyness, show me your handsome face,
Look at my eyes, can you read what it says,
Can you see her sparkling glows when we see face to face?

Why hiding the feelings if it’s real,
How do you know if I love you too if you’re scared
Can’t you feel I gasps of breath when you’re near,
Baby, that’s the sign that all I need is your presence.

I’m loving you since the day when we first meet,
On that night I can’t sleep thinking of you on my side,
When you offer me your seat on that train ride,
I knew in my heart, you’re the smile that I need in my life.

Now, once and for all, can we settle this,
Do you think you love me too, please confess,
Yes, I love you too my brave pretty princess,
I’ve been dreaming of you, every second, every minute since that moment.

And they kissed so full of love and sweetness,
In the same spot of the train where they met.

The End.😛😜😛😜🥰


“Fools Fall in Love”

With various thoughts and myriad emotions,
My heart is restless and peace is nowhere to be found,
I stare at the vastness of the black sky above,
Not minding the stars and moon waiting for me to look.

In the hollow feelings of lifelessness,
The loudest cry of silence was so deafening,
And from the deepest place of hidden tears,
Reveal the painful sound that only you can discern.

As the anguish of hurting grows stronger,
While you strive hard to swim away from him,
And from the romantic play of deceiving scenes,
Wherein the end, he was the player who won the game.

They say when you found true love happiness blooms,
Where everything you see painted in beautiful colors,
And the only thing that matters is the presence of love,
But on its absence, it tormented the very core of your affection?

Love might be the sweetest feeling a human can experience,
But when betrayed it scattered your soul into broken pieces,
And you have no one to turn to
But to crawl into your own grave.

And from there, regrets cannot be blamed,
The course of your fate of collecting lies,
From the strangers, you trust your wishes and kisses,
For his dream is not the same as you dreamt.


“Memoirs Of A Father”

How can I described and pictured you,
If I don’t even saw your face,
How can I tell if you love me too,
If I don’t even feel the warmth of your embrace?

When you’re borrowed life came to an end,
You orphaned a baby whose only Five months old,
She’s now-grown-up strong, full of life and diligent,
Characters that she inherited to you as Mama always told.

You didn’t cuddle me very often or sing me a lullaby,
For you always came home from work late at night,
And in the morning when you go and say goodbye,
You tickle me with kisses until I laugh and smile.

Stories that been told was so painful to remember,
That death take you from us unexpectedly,
The day you died is the same day you buried,
And it’s a painful experience for Mama to carry.

But, I am grateful I lived and became your daughter,
Even if I don’t even feel you’re care and love,
Even if I don’t experience my first dance with a father,
You left me a mother that loved all the fruits of your flesh and blood.

I wish you hear what my heart is saying,
I love you Pa, thank you for my life.


“Edge Of Desire”

I’m used to fiddle with words and playing with them,
But when I played with my heart, heaven and earth seemed to fall on me.
I was crushed and carried away by the flow of endless tears of guilt

It’s hard to convince myself that finds refuge in denial,
And seek comfort in the camouflage of suspended emotion,
Conniving with a pretended passage that it passes like smoke in the air.

How can someone who loves so much was trapped between shame and humiliation,
And chained its affections in its condemnation,
Of confined understanding that can’t fathom the deep thoughts of yearning,
Can the distance without boundaries of imagination quench the fire lit by passions of longing?

Oh God of heaven, if I’m a culprit of sinning,
Take away my heart of loving who suffered more in its sorrows of pain,
Let my understanding define why such a thing surrendered its reason,
In its propinquity of feelings from which its fate wherein the plight of pining.